Hi! My name is Billy Jenkins and I am so happy to be one half of the new morning show on 104.3 WOW Country. The other half of the morning show is Charene Herrera, fly fishing extraordinaire. As we begin this amazing adventure on 104.3 WOW Country, I wanted to start out by telling you a little about me.

garth with savannah

While we are a new morning team on 104.3 WOW Country, we aren't new to the Treasure Valley. In fact, my wife Savannah and I are home owners in the "new" area of Nampa by the Costco and really enjoy being here with our two dogs Koda and Gypsy. We don't have any kids but we do spoil our dogs too much and love spending time at the dog parks (Nampa mostly).

I'm huge on family. I was the youngest of five kids growing up so I learned to have thick skin quickly. My parents both worked very hard to provide for us kids growing up, which has instilled a great work ethic in us kids. I have siblings in the Seattle area, Portland area, and one brother living in Arkansas. I love them all, even when we don't get along.


Sports are a big part in my life, while I enjoy playing, mostly I just watch them on TV nowadays. Just like most guys, back in my glory days I played high school football but realize now I am never putting on the pads again. But anytime my Seattle Seahawks are playing you will hear me cheering all the way from Nampa.


Travel is one thing that Savannah and I cannot do enough of, we are always planning or saving for our next trip. Our wedding took place in Las Vegas it was the most fun and expensive party we've ever thrown. We have been to Mexico close to 10 times, mostly soaking up the sun on the Cabo marina enjoying a margarita or six.

gypsy and koda

Country music truly is my favorite genre of music, even before I was able to make the switch to 104.3 WOW Country, it was the #1 preset in my car. Hopefully it is in your car and remains that way forever. I truly appreciate being able to start my day with you here in the Treasure Valley listening to the best radio station in the world, 104.3 WOW Country!


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