Is the former tech giant returning to the Treasure Valley? 2018 sure is full of surprises...

Back in the day, Circuit City was THE place to go for a new TV, cables of all sorts, and adorable washer/dryer sets. That is, until 2008 when they filed for bankruptcy thanks to Best Buy and However, they're coming back from the dead.

Circuit City announced they're relaunching their website, and they also plan to open kiosks in other stores (what stores those will be we don't know yet). Their CEO says the website will "allow the products to find the customers," whatever that means. They'll also offer "social networking" and "solution selling" in addition to in-home installation of many products they'll be selling. No word yet on if any Circuit City kiosks or stores will be popping up in the Treasure Valley.

Interesting side note: CarMax was developed by former Circuit City executives. That company is still alive and well today.


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