It's been a wet weekend here in the Treasure Valley and with temperatures soon dipping into the low 30's and even the 20's we're all thinking the same thing right?  Are we going to have a white Christmas and if so, how much can we expect?  The answer is NO.

That's how my dad would always answer me when I'd ask him multiple questions that sometimes required specific information, not yes or no.  He'd look at me and say, "NO".  And I can feel him looking at me now saying the same thing because this is one of those situations where NO sounds like it pretty much covers it all.

We're seeing some of the wet stuff today with mostly rain in the valley and snow in the higher elevations so I guess if there's a chance for any of that magical snow it'd be now but with highs in the 40's that's very unlikely.  Tomorrow's even more unlikely. reports partly cloudy skies with highs around 40 again.  There's a 20% chance of rain but that's pretty much it for Christmas day.

After that temperatures drop into the 30's and 20's for the next week with a chance of snow on Thursday.  So get outside, play a little football with the family, do some last minute shopping, go ice skating or whatever it is you do to celebrate.  As much as this is one day most of us enjoy getting snow, we live in a beautiful place with beautiful weather and it's up to us to enjoy every second of it.  Merry Christmas!

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