Clocks have changed and so is the weather. Spring has sprung and slowly but surly the Treasure Valley weather is changing warmer day by day. With the warmer weather pushing the colder weather out it seems to be adding a bit of wind. Ok a lot of wind.

We have had a blustery week here and to make the most of it, I cracked out the kites that have been hiding in the garage for months. It was so fun to get them out again. Titus' little neighbor friend accidently took his too far and it went down on a neighbors roof. After the rescue mission we were able to get it up again. Here are some other fun windy day activities for the Treasure Valley.

Besides kites you can experiment with wind socks, windmills and streamers. Have the kids experiment and see what flies the best. Wind-blown messages, set up a thin washing line or nylon fishing line so that it faces the wind. Attach paper clips to small sheets of cardboard and push them through the cardboard. Then attach the paper clip to the line. Watch the wind blow the cardboard along the line. You can now write and send messages to friends this way!

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Bubbles, you can just hold the wand up, no blowing necessary, see how far they can float away. Rolling balls, draw a line with chalk and put different balls on the line to see which kind the wind picks up and races the best. Make guesses on which ball will roll the fastest.

For the Boise Area the wind seems to give us a break tomorrow, but is back and pretty strong later this week into the weekend. Get those kites ready and have some fun with it.

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