Have these guys ever called you?  DO NOT PAY!

Our receptionist, Linda, here at WOW 104.3 answered the phone Friday morning and it was the IRS, telling her the cops were coming over to arrest her because she owed money.  At least that's what they were telling her.  It was fun watching Linda go off on these guys because she knew.  IT'S A SCAM!


They prey on innocent people that want to obey the law.  It is always a scam!  Here's some things to remember when dealing with this type of situation.

  • The IRS will never call you on the phone
  • The IRS will always send written information
  • Most of these scammers are overseas
  • You will not get your money back if you give them credit card or bank information
  • Do Not send them money in the mail
  • They will know personal information about you.  Don't give in!


Here's an example of an IRS Scammer trying to get money