Chairs for dogs?! What is this about?

The West Valley Humane Society is looking for donations of old chairs for their pups waiting to be adopted!

The reason is pretty heartwarming. They want the dogs to have more of a home environment in their kennels instead of just the hard floor!

According to the KTVB they are looking for 25 chairs initially, and they are looking for some specifics. You can't drop off a rocking chair or a recliner type chair because they are too big and bulky to get in and out of the kennels.

Ideally they are looking for old-fashioned chairs with legs that are lifted off the ground a little bit so the pups can crawl under the chair if they want to. This also helps workers be able to clean underneath the chair.

If you don't have this type of a chair, they are also looking for fold up camping chairs to put in the smaller kennels which is a pretty easy donation.

For additional details visit the West Valley Humane Society's Facebook page.