The horse wanted to work on her ollie skills. That is literally the only skating term I know. This mare was taking a stroll with a child riding when they got too close to the edge of the skate park in Kuna. The cement sides of the skate bowl was too steep and slippery for the mare to climb out on her own. Some special helpers were called to the skate park to assist. The Idaho Humane Society and a small group of people who were around or came when they heard about what happened to help. The community members along with officers from the Idaho Humane Society along with Kuna Police all pitched in to help the horse.

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There was quite a group there to help. Even Dr. Urich from Flying A Veterinary Services came out at no cost to try to help the mare after getting a call about the situation. Everyone did a great job at keeping the horse calm. After the group of helpers had a few brainstorming ideas on how to get the mare out they decided that traction was needed so the group tried some carpets to help her get enough to stand on to climb out. According to KBTV a nearby rancher named Dean Cusumano provided the carpet that ultimately got the mare out. The horse did end up with some minor injuries to its hind leg. She got out with a left limp and a bleeding hind leg but is expected to be just fine.

This is a great example of how bystanders, collected together with the community to make a difference to help this horse who otherwise would have been in a world of trouble. I am an huge animal lover so thank you to everyone who helped out :)


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