The animals were neglected to a degree but not abused, thank goodness. I am a massive animal lover and probably would not have been able to get through a story where any animals are abused. In this case the animals were under the care of vulnerable seniors who realized they were in over their head and needed help and fast.

I am grateful that they turned themselves in so to speak to do what was best for the animal. In total there were 33 dogs including 32 Papillons and 1 Labrador retriever. There were also 3 parakeets that were rescued from the home.  The elderly couple was overwhelmed as you can imagine and knew they couldn't care for the animals the way they needed to be cared for. I would be overwhelmed with that many animals too!

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The Idaho Humane Society posted pictures from the rescue as well as their team giving care and much needed medical assistance to the animals. Most of the dogs according to staff are social and kind. Volunteers and employees are working to get the pets up to date on vaccines, and cleanings. Many also need full dental cleaning and even surgeries to remove masses. In total the Humane Society is looking at about $13,000 in bills with this rescue.


A few days ago, we came to the aid of vulnerable seniors living in Boise with 32 papillons, one labrador retriever, and...

Posted by Idaho Humane Society on Monday, February 8, 2021




If you are able to and have the desire to help the Idaho Humane Society as they work to get these cuties up for adoption you can make a tax-deductible donation of any amount. Every bit helps.


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