Gas prices have officially hit record highs in Idaho, as we saw a price increase over this past weekend.

As a community where many citizens commute every single day, this is particularly worrisome. 



Highest recorded average price

  • Regular Unleaded: $4.895  

Date: 6/6/22


  • Diesel: $5.630

Date: 6/6/22


As a price comparison, one week ago Regular Unleaded was $4.724, a month ago it was $4.470 and a year ago it was only $3.275.


What can Idahoans expect to see?

Many of the states that surround Idaho are already seeing prices well over $5.00. 

According to AAA, they expect Idaho to follow suit within the next week or so. 

Unfortunately, as long as there is still a high demand with low amounts of product, we can expect to continue seeing a surge for the foreseeable future.


Eight counties in Idaho already have gas prices that are over $5.00:

  • Shoshone: $5.006
  • Latah: $5.034
  • Clearwater: $5.006
  • Valley: $5.039
  • Boise: $5.089
  • Camas: $5.049
  • Blaine: $5.126
  • Fremont: $5.097


Where can we find the cheapest gas in the Treasure Valley?

The following gas stations currently have some of the lowest gas prices in the Boise area, and below the state average.

However, experts recommend driving as little as possible and consolidating trips when you can. 

Also, keeping your tires properly inflated, and avoiding congested areas/rush hour traffic will help to conserve gas longer.

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