Governor Brad Little had a televised press conference / address to Idaho on Friday and it is getting some backlash especially from an Idaho lawmaker. Republican legislative leaders want to use a concurrent resolution, which the governor cannot veto, to immediately end the state of emergency in Idaho caused by Covid -19. During the conference Gov. Little urged against the state ending the state of emergency saying, "Let me be clear. Undeniably Covid-19 is an emergency. Hundreds of Idahoans have died." At times Gov. Little was pointing the finger and accused some legislators of playing "shameful" political games with the pandemic.

He is now getting responses and not the kind he had hoped for. According to Idaho News Channel 2, Both the House and Senate are now collaborating on different proposals to restrict the governor's emergency powers and clarify the legislature's role.

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There are some disagreements among parties and individuals but the most extreme reaction is from State Representative Chad Christensen. He represents Idaho District 32, House seat B. He is in his first term. He went to Facebook on Sunday night and after a few posts he wrote: "After Friday's tantrum from Governor Brad Little, I'm now committed to moving forward to impeaching him. I have entertained it before, now I am all in."

According to Idaho News Channel 2 he explained further in other posts writing:

"He has committed several gross violations of the U.S. and Idaho Constitutions. Another legislator and I will be working on it this week."

"My #1 priority this week is to get a federal gun control nullification bill moving. In other words, Biden and commies will not be violating the 2nd Amendment in Idaho. Their gun control garbage will be nullified in the State of Idaho."


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