Knowing the details of exactly what happened in this horrific crime against an innocent, helpless baby makes me absolutely sick.  I cannot stomach what this man did from beginning to end.

31-year-old Agustin Rivera Jr. moved with his wife and her baby, an 11-month-old boy from California to Madison County, Idaho so he could start a new job.  According to East Idaho News, the boy's mother was in the kitchen cooking dinner while Rivera was attending to the baby in another room.  After a long investigation, Rivera admitted that he just 'snapped' because the baby was crying so much so he twisted the baby's leg until he heard something crack which ended up being the baby's femur breaking in half.  The baby passed out and Rivera went into the kitchen, sat down and ate dinner.

When Rivera returned to the baby's room after eating he noticed the baby's leg completely swollen.  He grabbed the child, took him to his mother and told her something was wrong but he didn't know what could've happened.  They immediately called 911.

When the baby was admitted to the hospital, nurses and doctors immediately reported the incident to authorities saying there was NO way this was on some type of abuse.  The child had a severely fractured femur and multiple bruises all over his body.

The only silver lining here is that this child is still alive.  He'll go through a lot of pain and rehab but this man will NEVER touch this baby again.  Rivera is facing one felony count of injury to a child and is currently behind bars in the Madison County Jail.  If convicted he could face up to 10 years in jail.

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