Last week Idaho Governor Brad Little moved Idaho back to stage 2 and made some changes to current rules in the state to try an get a handle on our booming COVID cases. With the healthcare system being so over worked and understaffed, The Governor made a surprise move and called on Idaho National Guard to help.

To start, 100 members of the Idaho National Guard are being trained to help with alleviate the staffing issues on healthcare around the state. Hospitals and long term care facilities across the state are having a hard time keeping up with the massive influx of COVID-19 cases. Gov. Little and other leaders, including higher ups in Idaho Healthcare system are hopeful that the National Guards presence will make an impact. I actually had a COVID-19 test last week, it came back negative, thankfully but it was no fun. Not painful but super uncomfortable. I'm pretty sure she got all the way up to my memories.

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The 100 members of the Idaho National Guard will be activated for 30 days. The state is funding this by using money from the disaster emergency account. The order is set to end after that 30 days but could be extended or even rescinded by Gov. Little depending on the situation at that time. Hopefully with Idaho's very own National Guard being called on, those still reluctant to wear a mask or take social distancing and coronavirus seriously will take a pause and realize the impacts they are having on the entire state. What do you think of Gov. Little's plan to activate the National Guard? What else do you wish he would or wouldn't do?

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