The police are not giving out any information as to what exactly is going on, why Dillon and Daniel Hanson are wanted, and how bad this situation is.  What we do know is this... The Hanson brothers stole a Jeep Cherokee and have been in numerous high-speed chases with the Pocatello Police over the past 24 hours.  They have eluded capture in all chases but the last one was the closest police came to hauling these two in.

After the Hansons were spotted, Pocatello Police used spike strips to incapacitate the Jeep Cherokee.  The brothers fled on foot and disappeared into the residential area of Buckskin Road in Pocatello, Idaho where they haven't been seen since.

Authorities have asked all residents even close to this area to lock their doors and to keep an eye out.  If you spot the two brothers DO NOT approach or take any action of any kind other than immediately calling 911.  The Hanson brothers are considered 'Armed And Dangerous' and police believe they will do anything to get away.

The Idaho State Journal reports that the last pursuit when the two brothers were seen disappearing into the Buckskin residential area took place at approximately 7 o'clock Saturday night.  We'll keep you posted on any new information or developments.

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