Feeling good about living in Idaho? There's a reason for that! We're the 7th 'happiest' state. Any guesses on who number one is? Number 50?

Wallethub released a new study where they ranked each state by how happy its residents are and Idaho cracked the top ten! In fact, we came in at number seven so clearly Idaho is a pretty chill place to live. Though, there are some folks that are (at lease according to this study) a bit happier. Here are the top ten in order: Utah at number one, then Minnesota, Hawaii, California, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Maryland, New Jersey and Massachusetts. I guess the only one I'm surprised is in the top ten is New Jersey... Maybe it's all the great Italian food keeping them in good spirits? Oh and hey props to Utah for taking the top spot. Hawaii seems so nice but also sooooo expensive. California has a million miles of beautiful beaches, the Dakotas are cool, but cold, Maryland has some really rich areas and then Massachusetts... Perhaps one of the most educated states in the country also happens to be pretty happy!

Now, for the LEAST happy states... Here are the bottom five: Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Alaska and New Mexico. The South definitely has a stronghold near the bottom of this list but New Mexico took the bottom spot. I wonder why that is... It's very much a desert, and its largest city is Albuquerque, which is actually a pretty cool city, but overall, New Mexico is the least happy state. Happy to be in Idaho and in the top ten!

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