We have a 90% chance of rain here in the Treasure Valley today with thunderstorms on the way and YES much cooler temperatures.  If you walk outside now it looks and feels a little cold.  Wait til tomorrow.  Our high should be about 52 or 53 degrees.  Yes, that's the HIGH.  Normally we're at about 72 degrees with sunshine this time of year but Mother Nature's cracking her whip.  Get ready for lightning, thunder, and cold temperatures.

Our man Kody Wilson at Treasure Valley Weather HQ breaks down the different scenarios and possibilities for what's coming, not only here in Boise but for the entire state of Idaho.

  1. If it stays relatively cloudy most of the day, we can expect scattered rain showers (some of them heavy), and maybe a few claps of thunder.
  2. If we see breaks in the clouds and we get some sunshine, that will heat the surface and destabilize the atmosphere. That could set the stage for the development of some strong thunderstorms between 2 pm and 10 pm.
  3. IF we see strong thunderstorm development, the possibility of some hail and strong gusty winds exists with the most intense storms.

Here's where Idaho weather gets KrAZaY!  Can you say TORNADO???  What?  Yeah.  It's unlikely but we're getting conditions and data that says tornadoes are possible today in different parts of Idaho.  Here's what Treasure Valley Weather HQ stated earlier today...

Although the risk is very low, there is a small conditional risk that a very isolated tornado threat could develop. The most likely location would be in Owyhee County, closest to the foothills, stretching north across the I-84 corridor and into the foothills of the Boise Mountains, between Boise and Jerome.

Again, I need to reiterate that this risk is very small, but because the model data is reflecting this small risk, I honor transparency and want to communicate that to you.

For more specifics and information check out Kody Wilson's Facebook Page below.

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