When I first heard about this story, I was so excited for 19-year-old student Hank Cazier. Hank is from Idaho Falls and was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. While he had always dreamed of being a model he wasn't sure if he would actually live long enough to make his dream come true.

CNN first wrote the story about Hank who has been battling since 2015, he had 31 rounds of radiation, intensive chemotherapy treatments and brain surgery. He has been in physical, occupational and speech therapy almost every day for five years.

That's when he finally got some good news, his dream of becoming a model was going to come true. Make-A-Wish Idaho and Macy's teamed up to make it happen.

In August, Hank flew to New York where he took part in a two-day photo shoot and learned from some of the top models.

Last Wednesday, a limousine picked up Hank and to his surprise he saw a big billboard in his own hometown with him modeling some clothing.

After seeing the billboard he was off to the mall where Hank was greeted by fans asking for autographs. We are so happy to see Hank get to live out his dream, and wish him only the best moving forward.

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