It is looking like most people don't need a job for the holidays because over 97% of adults have a job in the state of Idaho. Our unemployment rate was just reported by KXLY out of northern Idaho to be one of the lowest in the nation at 2.8%. That is a great indicator in how well our economy in the gem state is and put us at fourth place over all in the U.S.

The KXLY article also says, "The Idaho Department of Labor also said Friday that the state’s labor force grew by nearly 1,500 to more than 907,000. Idaho officials said job numbers exceeded expectations in private educational services, arts, entertainment and recreation, manufacturing and state government. They also said total employment grew by 2,270 to 882,543, and the number of those unemployed dropped by 800 to 25,079."

In response to the unemployment rate Idaho's Govenor Brad Little had this to say, “It’s not surprising at all that the top 10 states for lowest unemployment rates – including Idaho – are led by Republican governors. Our unrelenting focus on keeping taxes low, governing responsibly, and structuring regulations so they support, not hinder, business have led to prosperity and opportunity for the people we serve.”

Although we are having some serious growing pains in the gem state as in the summer and fall many places in Idaho were struggling to find workers. You can still drive just a few blocks in Boise or the Treasure Valley and still see now hiring signs up left and right. It is not quite as bad as it was earlier this year when businesses' were forced to reduce hours or close their doors temporarily due to extreme staff shortages.

Even if you have a job here in Boise, the Treasure Valley, or Idaho, it may be worth checking out who else is hiring. If you have been thinking about a change especially. Who knows maybe there is a job you enjoy more that pays better. Just be smart about it but while the economy is doing this well in the gem state it is a great time to at least explore the possibilities.

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