The Boise State logo or the shape of Idaho itself... Which tattoo is most common in our state? We've done some real investigative journalism and solved this mystery!

By investigative journalism, I saw a story from Zippia about each state's favorite tattoo and decided to dive deeper. Here's how Zippia got their results: based on Google searches for tattoos in each state, they determined that Idaho's was a "Boise" tattoo. This surprised me because I feel like Idaho is more in love with Idaho than with Boise specifically, but then I started my own search, and polled some folks on Facebook and realized, it's not a "Boise" tattoo at all that people are searching for, rather a Boise State tattoo and this made more sense to me. I'm a Boise lover but I just don't see it represented in the same way that Boise State or Idaho individually are. That said, do you have a Boise tattoo? And is it related to Boise State or does it have to do with something different entirely?

Here's the great news; whether you want a Boise State Tattoo, Idaho with a beard on the bottom of it (or any other Idaho tattoo; Idaho as a gun, a face, a palm, what have you), a Boise city skyline or even a tattoo of the snake river, you can do that because we have tons of awesome tattoo parlors/spots to visit here in Idaho. Plenty even specifically in, you guessed it... Boise! So go and get your tattoo and represent for your city, or state!

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