Its about time!!!! Idaho has been waiting, not so patiently for YEARS to finally get this official news! Yes, In-N-Out is coming to Idaho, for real. It get's even better, you wont have to drive too far because In-N-Out says it's officially coming to Boise. It may be a few more years before we actually get to taste it but its still on the way....

I remember when I lived in Portland and one opened in Salem Oregon, people would drive the 45 minutes to get there and then wait in line for hours, yes, you read that right, hours to get their order in. There were national news stories that recently came out about the Colorado location opening. People were waiting for 12 hours! Ok so I love In-N-Out burger a lot but I don't know about 12 hours. Either way with the excitement that has been around and In-N-Out for so long in Idaho, you can expect some serious wait times at least for the first few months.

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Idaho Statesman must love their burgers because they have been all over this story and helping to make sure that info is accurate. Idaho News channel 2 has also been keeping up with the In-N-Out latest. Here is more infor right from In-N-Out "While we are still in the earliest planning stages, we do anticipate serving Double-Doubles in Boise in the not-too-distant future," said Denny Warnick, vice president of operations. "We’re grateful to hear frequently from loyal customers in Idaho who wish to have their own In-N-Out Burger nearby. Our president, Lynsi Snyder, has given us a five-year goal to turn that thoughtful feedback into reality. We’ll meet that goal, and we’re looking forward to joining the wonderful community there."


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