If you stopped by the famous Joe Momma's Restaurant on 600 S. Rivershore Lane in Eagle, Idaho you're probably scratching your head wondering why the heck would this place shut down.  It was ALWAYS busy.  And that's where the problem was.  Joe Momma's became too busy, not being able to service customers the way they wanted.  Wait times skyrocketed to 40, 50, even 60 minutes.  There just wasn't enough room for everyone.

On November 26, 2018, Joe Momma's shut its doors forever.  This local hotspot that was known for their chicken-fried steak, waffles, biscuits and gravy, and a whole lot more packed up and MOVED just a couple of miles away to 3510 North Eagle Road in Meridian, Idaho.  This is where Famous Dave's used to be.  There's a whole lot more room and the location's perfect.  Joe Momma's now can seat up to 276 people.  More in the Spring, Summer, and Fall when outside seating is available.  They used to seat 87.

According to The Idaho Statesman, Joe Momma's also now has a liquor license meaning you can mix that out of this world homemade grub with shots of whiskey if you like.  Hmmmm... interesting.

If you've never checked out one of the most delicious little local hot spots we have here in the Treasure Valley you may want to do so this weekend.  The grand re-opening celebration includes $1 mimosas and $1.99 biscuits and gravy.

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