Nothing is more disturbing to me than the abuse or neglect of a child. Children and pets are helpless. They depend on us for their most basic needs and there is no excuse when we fail them. Nevertheless, it is happening in our own back yard. 

A couple in Kuna stands accused of starving a child between the ages of 3 and 6 for years. Between 2015 and 2018 they fed this child nothing but protein powder and textured vegetable protein that led to starvation and possibly cardiac arrest.

It's hard for me to even write what this couple has done. 42-year-old Gwedalyn Buthman and 54-year-old Byron Buthman of Kuna have been charged with felony injury to a child and the infliction of great bodily harm. What makes me sick is that this couple is not behind bars right now. They have posted bail and are seeking an attorney.

Not only does this couple stand accused of starving this poor child but according to KTVB they are accused of isolating the child from her siblings, keeping her outside for extended periods of time without adequate clothing, they wouldn't let her play with toys, wouldn't show her affection, and made her sleep on the floor without bedding.

It makes me sick to think of the repercussions these horrible acts will undoubtedly play into who this little girl will become and how she will feel about herself throughout her life.

I have zero sympathy for child abuse and my only hope and prayer is that this poor sweet child is finally in a safe place where she is loved and where she can grow physically and emotionally into the beautiful person she was always meant to be.

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