Droves of Californian's are flocking to Idaho and we haven't always been the most welcoming, but a new center is setting out to teach these newbies the Idaho way!

The California Interstate Resettlement Commission will help Californian's fit into the Gem State a little better by teaching them things like this...

  • Say "Boy-see" not "Boy-zee"
  • Trade in those California license plates ASAP
  • Don't put on your make-up in the car like you did in California
  • Reintroducing Californian's to carbs! (Apparently, that's a HUGE no no there, but we eat potatoes in Idaho!)

The welcome center in downtown Boise is aiming to help new transplants fit in according to this article from Boise State, but do you think it's a good idea?

I moved to Boise from Utah three years ago and there certainly wasn't a welcoming center to show me the ropes. I will say my new boss immediately pointed out how to say a few key words, told me about the best places to live with kids, mapped out some of the best restaurants, which was all super helpful when you want to fit in but everything is so different and new.

One thing about Idaho is the people are so friendly here and I don't want us losing that reputation by not welcoming the Californian's to our beautiful state. Can you blame them? Affordable housing, a slower pace, a gorgeous atmosphere! The Treasure Valley is pretty amazing, so I say bring on the welcome center! Like it or not, the out of towners are here to stay!

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