My kids have been dreaming of a white Christmas and it looks like their wish may just come true!!

As you can see, the weather app on my phone shows SNOW on Sunday, Christmas Day, and Thursday of next week.

Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise
Credit: Carly Cash/TSM Boise

Now before you get ready to build a snowman and make snow angels, keep in mind that according to our temperatures will be right on the brink of will it be cold enough to get the white stuff or will it rain in the valley and snow in the mountains? Only time will tell.

Today's supposed to bring 2 to 6 inches to the mountains. On Sunday, if the storm hits early we'll probably see snow, but if it hits a few hours later we'll most likely get rain. This will be the same situation on Christmas. It's all going to be about exactly what temperature it is precisely when the storms hit.

I hate snow, but it just doesn't seem like Christmas without it, so bring on the snowflakes!

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