After the shocking vandalism that showed up at the beloved Anne Frank Memorial last week. Read more about it here. Idahoans showed up to take a stand against racism. Around two hundred people showed up over the weekend at the Idaho Anne Frank Memorial right off the greenbelt in downtown Boise to collectively stand against racism.

“I felt it was really important to do this today because a lot of people are willing to let this sort of stuff fly by and ignore it," said Ty Ty, an organizer of the rally. "I think it’s finally time for people of Idaho to stand up before it’s too late.”

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Last week 9 swastika racist stickers were placed throughout the memorial. The stickers were immediately removed, a spokeswoman for the Boise Police said. This is the only Anne Frank Memorial in the country and it a beautiful place of peace and hope. Since the vandalism and throughout the week, Idahoans have visited and placed signs, notes and flowers around the Anne Frank statue and all over the memorial to spread love instead of hate.

I love this quote from one vigil participant and local Ani Carnell “Idaho is too great for hate. It’s not what Boise stands for. Boise stands for kindness, we can’t let people in our community silence us.”

Idaho news channel 2 did a fantastic job covering the story and also the vigil. Check out there story about it here and also take a look at more of the photos from the vigil by clicking here. 


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