We now know a little more about the man who lost his life last night while crossing the intersection of Vista and Targee Street. 

His name was Sam Willie Jr. He was 58-years-old. Unfortunately, that's all we know at this point. We still don't know if this man had a family, a wife, kids, grandkids, or what exactly caused the accident as he tried to cross the street near Hawthorne Elementary School.

As previously reported, authorities reveal there is a stop light at this intersection, but we don't know if the woman who hit Sam had a red light or a green light at the time of the collision.

There is no word about distracted driving, drugs, or alcohol playing a role in this case. The driver has not been identified but has been fully cooperative with investigators according to KTVB.

Sam died from blunt force trauma according to the coroner and his death has been ruled an accident.

Our hearts hurt today for both the driver who hit Sam and for all the people who loved him.