Every time a tragedy like this happens I'm reminded of how fragile and precious life is. 56-years-old obviously isn't a kid anymore, but it's still far too young to die. 

Who was Javier Animas Sobrevilla of Walla Walla, Washington? He was killed when a 65-year-old man from Council crossed the center line and drove into oncoming traffic, hitting Sobrevilla's Ford Expedition. According to an article on idahonews.com, Sobrevilla died at the scene of the accident.

Also inside Javier's, Ford Expedition was a 45-year-old passenger from Boise whose name has not been released. He was flown to Saint Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise but his condition is unknown.

Everyone involved in this fatal crash was wearing a seatbelt, so who knows what went wrong. The crash is continuing to be investigated, but as of now, we have no idea what caused the man from Council to drive into oncoming traffic. The unknown can always be so frustrating, leaving those left behind with so many questions and little closure.

Please keep both families in your thoughts and prayers today and in the many days to come. When something like this happens I always think about the flood of concern and support that comes in when someone passes away and how those people continue to suffer long after the story has faded from the headlines. May Javier Animas Sobrevilla's legacy never be forgotten.

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