51-year-old Richard A. Berry of Brooklyn, New York had been successful trafficking marijuana in large quantities across the United States of America until a little mishap in a city he didn't even expect to be in.  Berry was traveling on a bus that unexpectedly had to stop in Boise, Idaho for some maintenance.  The bus stop was at 13th and Bannock.  At some point employees noticed a large bag that possibly contained narcotics and immediately called the Boise Police Department.

According to the Boise Police Department this bag was located in the cargo department of the bus and contained large amounts of marijuana.  Specifically there were large plastic bags each containing a green substance which turned up positive for marijuana.

Once the owner (Berry) was located more luggage belonging to Berry was found.  Each piece of luggage had multiple vacuum sealed bags of marijuana inside.  The Boise Police Department found more than 43 pounds of marijuana in total.

Credit: Boise Police Department

Berry has been arrested, transported to the Ada County Jail and now faces charges of drug trafficking.