I always thought a "Red Air Alert" was the worst.  We've passed that with Purple Air Quality and next is the worst of the worst... Maroon.


We're all feeling as we drive, walk, go to work or school.  You can't roll your window down.  It smells like a constant campfire and it just feels yucky.  Recess, sporting events, and most outdoor activities have been cancelled.  We're all being told to stay indoors as much as possible and to keep an eye out for the elderly, the young, and our pets.  Purple Air Quality is no fun.  But it can get worse.  And it might.


Maroon is the absolute worst air quality there is.  Air qualities start with green as the best, then yellow, orange, red, purple, and then the dreaded maroon.  Each step means the air is obviously less clean than the step before.


Purple air quality means very unhealthy.  If we get to maroon, that means hazardous.  People will start getting sick and even death is possible for those that are sick or weak.

As we all bunker in and close those doors and windows just waiting for this to pass, please remember all the firefighters that are putting it all on the line right now here in the Northwest to keep us healthy and safe.

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