Jeopardy! The game show is so much fun, where the answers are given and the contestants supply the question, hosted currently by Alex Trebek.

While I will admit I can normally only answer a few questions correctly throughout the entire game, it is still so much fun to play along at home. Although I had no idea until recently that there have been 6 players from Boise that have been contestants on Jeopardy! Did you know Jeopardy! has their own huge archive website?

Here is information on all of them.

  1. Lisa McClain, a history professor and Director of Gender Studies - Season 23 1-time Champion who won $22,500.
  2. Emily Ochoa, an English teacher in France - Season 24 player, ended up in 3rd place winning $1,000.
  3. Kevin Brown, a senior at Louisiana State University, 2016 College Championship quarter-finalist, won $5,000.
  4. Niki Peters, a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley - 2015 College Championship 1st runner-up, won $50,000.
  5. AJ Freeman, a customer solutions advisor - Season 34 player, ended up in 3rd place winning $1,000.
  6. J.B. Evans, an attorney - appeared on the game show earlier this year on Thursday, January 31st, 2019, won $1,000 for taking 3rd place.

It's pretty cool to see Boise represented so well on a television show that takes a lot of intelligence to get on the stage.

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