What happened here?! The whole dental office is gone and patients are left wondering what to do?!

Accure Dental and Dentures has closed up shop without any warning. Dentist Tera Greene has disappeared and patients are not too happy about it.

Some of them have prepaid dental work that they want refunded, others just want access to their dental records, but no one knows what happened.

This is the second time Dr. Greene has done this. She suddenly closed up shop in Washington last year.

The Idaho Board of Dentistry has seized patient records from the office so they can be taken to a difference dentist of the patients choosing.

The Idaho Statesman says they have not been able to get a hold of Tera Greene.

One example of what Greene did in Washington and may have done here in Meridian as the details comes out is that she removed a patients teeth, had them pay $5000 for dentures that they never received, and just mysteriously closed her doors.

It appears that the sudden closing is due to financial problems. Accure filed for bankruptcy last year.

If you or someone you know has been affected by Dr. Greene's actions you can call (208) 334-2369 or email sbdinfo@isbd.idaho.gov.