To be sitting there, talking to the love of your life and then hear nothing but horror, pain, and torture... and there's nothing you can do to stop it or make things better... I can't even imagine.  That's exactly what happened to Josh Swetlend who was on the phone with his fiance, 26-year-old Sandy Jaqueline Hernandez who was walking to her job in Meridian during rush hour when she was hit and killed by a dump truck on the corner of Eagle and Ustick Roads.

Just before Sandy was hit they had a small argument about something insignificant which they both got over quickly and started laughing.  According to KTVB, it only took a few seconds after that and Sandy was on the ground gasping her last words.  The last thing she said was "Please Babe Help Me".  Josh heard a few gasps after that and then it was over.  Nothing.  She was gone.

Josh hustled to the intersection hoping to find Sandy passed out or with some broken bones or something, anything but what was really going on.  EMT's had Sandy strapped up and in an ambulance by the time Josh got there and she was barely alive.  Josh was taken by authorities to Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and that's where his beautiful bride to be passed away.

We still don't know what caused the accident.  A full investigation is underway but that aside, we do know one thing.  Josh Swetland's dreams, hopes, and his whole life are gone.  There's a young man here in our community that's hurting so badly.  Mourning in a way that none of us can imagine.  Please keep this man and all those close to Sandy in your thoughts and prayers.

A GoFundMe Page has been set up to help Sandy's family with funeral expenses.

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