It takes a lot of guts (and stupidity) to steal luggage right off the baggage claim carousel.

Police are still searching for this jerk after catching him on camera in early October. While luggage theft isn't that uncommon, the fact that this thief in particular stole four pieces of luggage is a little extreme. Boise Police officer Anthony Damer explains:

It is extremely brazen for this individual to take that bag because we have got TSA security walking around on a constant basis, we have got law enforcement walking around on a constant basis and we have got an excellent surveillance system.

The suspect is still at large, so it would behoove you to be extra safe when traveling with luggage. What can you do to make sure your stuff doesn't get swiped? Officer Damer has some suggestions:

Clearly marking your bag is a great way to know where your bag is at all times, getting to the baggage carousel as quickly as possible to retrieve your items is absolutely key to making sure that no one else can take them, but also we rely on the public, if you see something suspicious or weird in the area, please alert someone.

If you know anything about the Walter White lookalike, please call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.


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