Ok Montana, you need to calm down. There's a reason more people live here and you don't need to be so weird about it!

Funny that Montana became a state before Idaho did and fewer people live there. Also funny that the biggest city in Montana is smaller than Meridian. What's not funny is how creepy Montana is! Okay, is Montana actually creepy? I don't know, but I'm highly entertained by this. We've always known that Montana's state line looks like a face looking into Idaho but it's 2021 and meme culture IS culture now so we have to have a few laughs and here are today's.

Some could look at Montana's obsession with Idaho as creepy, some could look at it as romantic, some could look at it like Idaho's the smart student and Montana knows we're going to pass the test so they just keep peering over our shoulder. Regardless, the memes are grade A.

I don't like Idaho being represented as a "urnal" or "urinal" if spelled correctly but look, the internet and meme culture don't really care about our feelings, do they?

The caption on this one was "Find someone who looks at you the way Montana looks at Idaho" and I don't disagree at all.

Well anyway, yeah I don't actually think anything is wrong or weird as far as Montana is concerned, it's a great place. I just wanted to get you here so you could check out these dank memes. I'm a fully functioning adult, I swear.

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