The absolute devastation and horror Californians are going through now with what is being called the most destructive wildfires ever, in the history of California is something we are all watching unfold live through social media, television, radio, and other media outlets that keep us up to date on how awful this tragedy truly is.

The entire country is behind Californians right now and that includes a lot of special people here in Idaho.  According to KIVI TV, The National Interagency Fire Center has sent more than 30 firefighters and fire managers to aid in taking down the Woolsey fire.  Along with them are 44 aircraft, 8 loads of equipment, dozers, and Red Cross volunteers.

Idaho has always backed up whoever's needed help and at this time, we're stepping up as big as we can setting up shelters, providing care, fighting the fires themselves, and doing whatever needs to be done in any way, shape, or form.  Below are a couple of different ways you can help out if you'd like.

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