I guess we have all these accidents at this time every year because so many people are out there driving around.  I feel like we'd have less because road conditions aren't slick, it stays lighter longer, and it just seems to be easier to be more aware of our surroundings in the summertime.  Unfortunately, this isn't the case and Idaho is having a bad year this summer when it comes to fatal accidents.

KTVB just reported that 69-year-old Frederic J. Smith who was riding his motorcycle along with other riders in Grangeville near the intersection of US Highway 95 and State Highway 13 Wednesday morning has died from injuries sustained in an accident involving himself and a logging truck.

The logging truck was driven by 39-year-old Nicholas Bendawald of Emmett, Idaho.  The Idaho State Police stated that it looks as if Smith pulled out and turned left on to southbound U.S. 95 right in front of the logging truck which tried to stop but couldn't.  Smith was following a buddy who was also on a motorcycle and it seems as if he didn't see the logging truck.  Smith was wearing a helmet but the injuries sustained were just too severe.

Smith was immediately transported to Syringa General Hospital in Grangeville, then airlifted to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Lewiston.  That's where he died this morning just about 24 hours after the accident.

I'm sure his family is absolutely devastated today.  I'm so sorry for your loss.

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