It's back to school time and there aren't nearly enough bus drivers to go around... Want a new job with a $1500 sign-on bonus? The Brown Bus Company may be for you!

The fine folks over at the Brown Bus Company in Nampa are hiring! It's back to school time and they need drivers to get students to school for the 2021-2022 school year. If there aren't enough drivers, they'll have to double up on routes, causing major inconveniences to students, parents, teachers and other commuters on the road. On their website, they say they offer paid training: "We offer extensive paid training. You will receive approximately 40-60 hours of training, which includes classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction." Also, according to the Nampa School District Facebook page, they'll pay $16.50 per hour and as they're facing this shortage of drivers, they're also offering a $1500 sign-on bonus.

Back on their website, the Brown Bus Company is quoted encouraging mothers and retirees to apply for positions as school bus drivers.

Weekends, summers and holidays off C.D.L. training provided
Local area job – no long commutes
Be home when your children are home
Supplement your income

Mothers and retirees encouraged to apply!

This could be an incredible opportunity for the right person to make an extra couple grand each month while helping out in your community and not having to travel too far from home. If you'd like to learn more about this very ideal part-time job and apply online, click the link here, apply now and good luck!

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