I drove out of Salt Lake City this morning back here to Boise and man was it nasty.  At one point I thought the freeways may get shut down.  Multiple vehicles off the side of the highway, plows not able to keep up with the wet, slushy snow which is the absolute worst kind when driving next to those massive truckers spraying windshields all over the highway, and salt mixed in with freezing temperatures that dirty up those windshields so it's so hard to see.

KTVB's weather forecast predicted a good six inches last night for the Island Park area which held true and anywhere from three to five inches dropped in the Central Mountains west of Clayton and Mackay, the Wood River Valley in and around Sun Valley and Ketchum and the Caribou Highlands.

Another storm is supposed to hit which will lead to high winds, low visibility, and slick roads so if there's any way you can steer clear of traveling through the Eastern Idaho area tonight, please do so.  Up to another three inches could drop in some places and here in Boise things are looking pretty good with warmer temperatures and small chances of some rain here and there.  Boise's next storm heads in mid-week but temperatures in the mid to upper 40's means it'll most likely be rain, not snow.

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