In today's world it's difficult to find a way to punish your children that gets you the desired outcome. One family in Texas is getting creative in coming up with a punishment for their 15 year old daughter, which included taking over her social media accounts.

To most kids this is one of the worst possible things to have happen, because as a teenager, most parents are so embarrassing.

The backstory goes like this, the 15 year old daughter helped boys sneak into a sleepover she was hosting. Her parents found out, and let her choose her punishment. Either she could go without a cell phone for a whole month, or give up her phone for two weeks and they have access to her social media accounts. She chose the 2 week option, so her parents now had access to her TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram accounts.

Her parents have gone viral with their creative punishment and hilarious posts on their daughters accounts.

What do you think of the punishment? Do you think more parents should be doing this as a punishment?

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