This is going to be really cool. Construction has just started on a new Asian Supermarket coming to Boise. Here's where it will be and when it opens.

Appropriately, this new market will be part of a Chinatown-style mall at Cole and Ustick in Boise. We don't have to wait long either, the supermarket featuring all sorts of Asian food should be open in August if everything goes as planned.

According to the Idaho Statesman, the supermarket will take over a 14,984 square foot space, but the whole mall is going to be really cool in a million dollar makeover that will showcase an Asian style gate and pagoda-style roofs. The strip mall will be re-named Idaho Asian Plaza and will be filled with Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Korean, Filipino, Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian Cultures. The supermarket will be the first part of the Chinatown-style mall to be completed.

We'll keep you posted on official opening dates as construction progresses. In the meantime, I'm going to start looking up some good Chinese, Japanese, and Thai recipes, because I can't wait to go shopping!