Has anyone noticed signs for future WinCo locations in Meridian and then it seems like they never get started on construction? Here's what's going on and why it may never happen.

I've driven past the big field nestled off of Overland near Eagle Road and the I-84 interchange many times and noticed a sign that advertised the site of a new WinCo in the works.

I don't live in this area, so it didn't affect me much personally, but I would always think "cool, another WinCo." I love WinCo and my only complaint is that I don't have one very close to my home, so its a little inconvenient. Talks of any new Winco location has always perked my interest just to have lots of options.

Pretty soon as I drove along Overland and kept seeing that sign I started thinking "when are they ever going to build that new WinCo?"

Turns out the new WinCo may never come to fruition. According to the Idaho Statesman, WinCo's consultant, Tait and Associates, withdrew their application to subdivide the acreage that was supposed to house WinCo and other businesses. No word yet on if the company will resubmit or why they withdrew.

Another WinCo was supposed to be built in Meridian at the corner of Chinden and Linder but that location may never be built either as neighbors have fought back saying it would be too close to their homes.

I feel like I'd be happy if they built a WinCo in my own backyard, so come on over!