Ugh, this is horrible news after a very busy weekend downtown Boise as thousands of people were celebrating Halloween just a few days early. According to our friends at KTVB, one person has died and another person was injured after being involved in a crash between a vehicle and an e-scooter.

The crash took place around 8:10 p.m on Sunday night at the intersection of 15th and Main downtown Boise.

The injured person was taken to a Boise hospital shortly after the crash with non-life threatening injuries.

The intersection where the crash took place remained closed Sunday night as a crash reconstruction team was still investigating the scene.

This is the first incident where a life was lost since e-scooters were first introduced to downtown Boise. Obviously, this is very sad for all people and families involved in this crash. And another reminder to be extra careful when riding those e-scooters and keep an eye out for them while driving.

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