We've all heard of police using unusual tactics to catch distracted drivers, which I don't think is a bad idea. We all need to remember and sometimes be reminded of how important it is to pay attention while you're behind the wheel.

In Hillsboro, Oregon the police department has been working with their local sheriff's office on a new technique when it comes to catching distracted drivers.

They have had a plain clothes officer standing on a street corner with a sign (looking very similar to a transient), but his sign says something different. The sign says, "I'm a cop put your phone down".

The officer has a devise so he can warn other officers of drivers not paying attention and it has resulted in some citations being issued. In just three hours, 60 drivers were stopped, 28 distracted driving citations were issued and 22 citations were issued for other violations.

This is just another way for officers to make sure people are paying attention while driving.

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