This whole story is heartbreaking all the way around, and now the arrests of this little angel's parents make it even more devastating.

You probably remember the story of little four-year-old Alliee Rose about a month ago. She passed away in a horrific car fire on April 10th. Alliee was sleeping in the car with her mother and a sibling, using a space heater to keep warm, when the car caught fire.

It has not been confirmed why they were sleeping in their car, but the Walmart parking lot off of Overland is known as a popular spot for homeless and travelers to sleep.

So why the arrests? Alliee's father, 26-year-old Nicolas Rose was arrested because investigators discovered that he had stolen the space heater that caused the deadly fire. He's been slapped with a felony burglary charge and a misdemeanor petty theft charge.

As for Alliee's mother, 31-year-old, Jennifer Miller, she is being charged with felony injury to a child. According to the the surviving toddler was found to be in the presence of a controlled substance.

The investigation into the fire will continue. Please keep all those who loved Alliee and her sibling in your thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time.