Last night, I had a friend in town, and we planned to go to dinner. Being relatively new to Boise, I didn't know where to go, but a co-worker recommended Bardenay in Eagle.

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In these times, when going to a restaurant, you don't know what to expect. Sure, there is a mandatory mask order in Ada County, but at a restaurant, how seriously will patrons take that order? You can't eat or drink with the mask on, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

After parking, I walked to the hostess stand, which was now outside the restaurant. There were signs posted all over that reminded customers to wear face coverings whenever they weren't sitting at their table. I was surprised at how well the patrons were behaving. Everyone that was waiting outside for a table wore masks. I also found it interesting to see how anyone who left their table to use the restroom also masked up.

It was nice to see how everyone is being courteous and trying to keep each other safe during this pandemic. It made me feel good about going out and supporting more local businesses in the future.

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