Hardly anything freaks me out more than a "Peeping Tom." Someone looking through my windows while I have no idea he's there. That's exactly what this guy has been doing in Boise.

Last night 35 year old Gregory Moseley was caught lurking around and peeking inside at least four windows in the area of 23rd and State.

He wasn't being very careful either, in fact it seems clear he wanted attention because he started incessantly ringing the doorbells of two KTVB employees at about 7:50 last night.

When one person opened the door Moseley told her that he's been watching her through the window and he wants to be friends!

How creepy is that?!

According to KTVB Moseley was latter found in an alley behind a house nearby, but he initially got away. He was apprehended at about 8:30 in an alley near 25th and State.

Meth was found on Moseley which resulted in an additional drug possession charge as well as disturbing the peace.

I am super grateful he was caught soon. No one should feel like their privacy is in jeopardy. Moseley appeared in court this afternoon and is currently sitting in the ADA County Jail.