Several people saw a pickup go into the Payette River yesterday and police are asking for the public's help to find it. 

Reports came in just after 9 a.m. yesterday morning. A pickup truck was seen tumbling into the Payette River along HWY 55 just North of the Gardena Bridge.

Emergency personnel combed the high, fast flowing river yesterday for several hours, but they found nothing. Efforts came from Horseshoe Bend, Garden Valley, and the Cascade Raft Company and according to KTVB, the search extended all the way down to the Horseshoe Bend Dam area.

Please keep your eyes out if you plan on rafting or fishing in the Payette River and if you notice anything contact Boise County Dispatch at 208-392-4411.

Remember, if a pickup is in the river, there most likely is also someone's loved one inside and we want to bring them home.