A log jam on the Payette River is causing a potentially deadly situation. If you plan on going rafting or kayaking in the near future keep reading to keep yourself safe. 

The log jam is located on the South Fork at the Dog Leg Rapid, near mile marker 4 on Banks Lowman Road. According to an article on KTVB, the Dog Leg Rapid comes out of the Bronco Billy Rapid, which is a class 3 or 4 rapid for experienced rafters despite the log jam. The strong current is pulling rafters through high, fast waters, directly into the log jam, making for a very dangerous situation.

Idaho Whitewater Unlimited has confirmed that they aren't taking customers through that stretch of water right now because the conditions are so dangerous. All of the water is quickly pushing to the left and directly into the logs.

The Boise National Forest is preparing to remove the logs, but they also have to keep safety in mind and need to wait until water levels subside.

Keep in mind that if you become trapped in this log jam, not only are you risking your own life but if you need to be rescued you are risking the lives of first responders. As warm weather continues to heat up and you're pulled towards the water, be sure to think things through and take lots of precaution. A fun situation can turn into a deadly situation in an instant.

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