Our neighboring state of Utah mourns today after losing one of the 'GOOD ONES'.  31-year-old David Romrell had been working with the South Salt Lake Police Department for 11 months.  Romrell was a husband and a father to a 4-month-old child.  He also had served several tours with the United States Marines.  A young man who was described by those he worked with as a soft-spoken, good person who always followed the rules, worked hard and took care of business.  Unfortunately, taking care of business last Saturday ended with Romrell dying at the hospital.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Romrell was one of the officers who had responded to a possible burglary call.  When the alleged burglars tried to make a getaway in their vehicle they hit Romrell immediately putting him into critical condition.

The driver of the getaway was 31-year-old Felix Anthony Calata who was shot and killed by officers immediately after running over Romrell.

I could write up a long list of Calata's past and how he's done this type of thing before and discuss who his lady friend was in the car with him but I don't want to do that.  There's a young wife and a 4-month-old child mourning right now in ways that none of us can imagine.  David will never walk through that door again.  She'll never tell him to be careful when he goes out to work again.  He'll never laugh, sing, hold his baby, take care of all those little projects around the house... none of it.  Because he's gone.

I don't get why, to some people, life is so unimportant.  Rob your store.  Break the law.  Get away for all I care but NOT at all cost.  Not at the cost of a good, young man who's just trying to make it in this world and take care of his family losing his life.  Romrell's wife and child will never be the same.  The rest of his family and close friends will never be the same.  We'll all move on after feeling a bit sad about what happened Saturday in Salt Lake City but those people will NEVER move on.  It'll be there with them forever.  My deepest condolences to the Romrell family and all who knew him.  Nothing I can say is enough.  I didn't know this man but I love and respect him for protecting this country we live in and for doing his best to make our streets safe.  God Bless!

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