For thousands of years mankind has settled their disputes in various forms of battle.  When two men come together with some kind of dispute that cannot be resolved there must be a way, a simple, competitive, fair way to make sure that just one man stands alone as the alpha, the leader, the best.  The following was how Rick Dunn of the Rick and Carly in the morning show and Chris Cruise in the afternoon did exactly that.  And only one was pronounced king of the radio station.

The dispute was a simple one as most are in the beginning.  Rick and Chris both wanted to blog about the same thing.  Blogging is one of the responsibilities for deejays at Townsquare Media and the better your blogs do, the more prestige you have when walking the esteemed radio hallways.

Carly Cash of the Rick and Carly show suggested we mud wrestle for rights to the blog.  Zizzly, who does middays on WOW 104.3 thought an old fashioned stare off would be best.  Both suggestions were declined.  Rick and Chris settled this dispute with a vicious best two out of three game of Rock Paper Scissors.  Secret cameras in the WOW studio captured exactly how things went down.


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