As much as we are getting back to our pre-pandemic lives, we cant forget that for the hospital staff here in Idaho COVID-19 is still a major part in their every day lives. This helps keeps things in perspective for me sometimes.

When I am feeling fed up with masks or cancelations or whatever annoying things are in my life due to Covid, I think about the medical staff who has been dealing with it day in and day out for over a year straight. Their was a strong celebration for the heroic hospital staff in the first few months that seems to have dissipated a bit. That is unfortunate.

I was happy to see that Saint Alphonsus came up with great solutions to helping their hospital staff. By getting into the grocery business, Saint Al's, has lessened regular every day stressors like grocery shopping and access to easy and healthy prepared meals.

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Many nurses, doctors and hospital staff work 12+ hour shifts and eating while at work and even stopping to grab something on the way home seems exhausting after their long stressful day. The hospital literally set up a store on the premises for employees early in the pandemic. They also provide a take and bake meal program.

Saint Al's didn't stop at that. According to CBS Idaho, they also have relaxation rooms, with massage chairs and refreshments. What a great way for them to take 15 minutes or so to zone out and reset during the day. For those employees who need more than a massage chair they also started Carebridge, a 24/7 free counseling service for hospital employees.

Even if people around the world are not banging on pots and pans and singing your praises anymore. We want medical and hospital staff to know that we are incredibly grateful to them for the sacrifices and hardships they have had to endure during all of this. Truly, truly, thank you.

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